The Solar de Magoito was built in the middle of the last century and was used then as a summer farmhouse. In its origin had as residential areas the manor house and the farm manager’s house. In addition to the elegant simplicity of the chapel, which is a part of the main building, had numerous infrastructures such as stables, pigeon-houses, chicken coops, midden, wells, cellar, “lagares”, etc.


Regarding its green area, the pine-wood is the dominant vegetation, but the existing plant diversity is remarkable. The original flora was preserved, however, the existent vineyard zone was detached from the original property and gave place to a pine-wood.

It is well clear in its spaces the refinement and good taste of the person who had this manor house built, Mr. Pereira da Silva. Noble decorations are its most visible feature. The ogival archs of the chapel entries, the magnificent stained-glass windows, the mural paintings, beautiful and varied “azulejos” (glazed ceramic tiles), the symbolism painted in wood and “tijoleiras” (clay tiles) referring to different moments in Portugal’s history, makes this property a region’s reference. Distinguished guests passed through here, such as artists, politicians, etc. Among several personalities stands out the President of the Republic and friend of the owner Admiral Américo Tomás, who was a visitor for several times.

After Virgílio Pereira da Silva’s death, the Solar was in different person’s possession. In 2005, was purchased by the original owner relatives who carried out restoration works of all housing and infrastructures. The constant concern and proper care not to distort the essence of the original space resulted in a distinctive leisure and well-being space oriented to Natural Park tourism.

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